E-Class vs. S-Class Driver Discussions

How A Typical Mercedes Benz Owner Conversation Goes

Bold Conversations on Mercedes-Benz E-Class And S-Class


For most car enthusiasts, a Mercedes-Benz isn’t just for navigating around but a great possession that defines their character, dignity, passion, lifestyle and a taste for aesthetics. It’s a package of many sensations. This explains why a car fan may choose one vehicle over another.


Jason is a senior citizen who owns a 2014 E-Class while his neighbor and friend, Alex proudly drives a Mercedes-Benz S-Class 550. It’s a Saturday afternoon and Jason has just driven into the garage he shares with Alex, his neighbor. Alex is busy wiping his S-Class bonnet that has caught the attention of his senior friend. He walks towards the young lad with a wide grin and seems to be in a jovial mood. They happily exchange greetings and engage in an interesting conversion. This may just to help you get a drift of this car subject.


Jason: You know, I still marvel at how my used manual transmission manages 29mpg on the highway with just a gallon and 21 miles in the city. The V6 engine and 7-speed automatic transmission are things that I could never have imagined of in my 30 years of driving.


Alex: Technology my friend! I pride in the S-Class magic body control because it was the first car in the world to detect and react to bumps. My S550 has a 455 horsepower and is powered by a double turbocharged 4.7 liter V8. The speed is awesome on the highway.

: I still enjoy the old technology though, at least I can switch some buttons here and there, and it gives me a sense of my car control.


Alex: Not bad, but with a Benz Sedan like this, it’s a bunch of endless advanced details from the ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, massaging seats, executive rear seating, Led headlights… oh, the list is endless.


Jason: Sounds cool! My 2014 E-Class too affords me some luxury like the heated and ventilated front seats. I don’t know what I would do without the lane tracking and parking assist especially on a busy day like today in the uptown. Bet you got an advanced sound system in there?


Alex: Yep! Speak of surround audio, speed sensitive volume control, video monitor, 2 subwoofers, memory card slot, USB connection with external media control, 590 watts stereo output…, I mean, it’s a full-house entertainment on wheels.

Jason: I love the surround-sound system too but the satellite radio is my favorite company on those slow-moving traffic days. I enjoy the elegant trim too, gives me recognition on the road.


Alex: I reckon with you, the automatic parking is very reliable but don’t get me wrong on this, the S-Class collision avoidance system once saved my life when I almost rammed into a drunk driver’s car. I think the inattention warning system and the blind spot warning system in the S-Class are more advanced than in most new cars today.


Jason: Mercedes-Benz actually leads the way when it comes to car safety. The cool safety stuff you got there similar in my E-Class could save many lives. Just imagine how the night vision cameras and 3D imaging of road obstructions have helped drivers!